Somalia is a poverty-stricken country with problems that seem to have gotten out of control. After seeing years of instability, Somalis have dispersed worldwide in an attempt to escape their problems.

While we may see the Somali diaspora around us, there’s very little known about them or why they fled their country. Here are the top three facts about the living conditions in Somalia that you should know about.

Political Crisis

On top of the list and the biggest reason why Somalis are suffering is the ongoing political crisis in the country. The country has been facing a terrible civil war for the past three decades, leaving it in a state of anarchy. The central government in the country is weak and has little control over the situation.

To that end, tribal groups and warlords have largely seized power and are known to abuse it to their advantage.

Food Insecurity

Somalia faced a terrible drought in 2017, which left the country with nearly no food supply to sustain the population. Located near the equator, the country has extremely hot weather, resulting in semi-arid land. In addition to this, it has had three failed monsoon seasons since the late 2020s. To make matters worse, Somalia also faced a desert locust infestation that further caused damage to the food supply.

Streets of Goldogob, Somalia

Currently, Somalia is facing terrible food insecurity once again. Consequently, 5.9 million people are in need of immediate care as they face an acute food shortage.


Since gaining independence from Britain and Italy in 1960, Somalia has been in a state of political unrest. One group after another has caused terror in the country. Starting with a long-lasting military dictatorship and moving towards a civil war, powerful warlords rose to power and established the Islamic Courts Union (ICU).

Even though the ICU was disbanded, a segment of youth from the ICU formed a group called Al-Shabab (meaning the youth). This armed militant group aims to establish strict Sharia practices at gunpoint and is known to cause terrorism within the country.

Help Out the Somali Refugees in Columbus, Ohio

Needless to say, Somalis have faced a myriad of problems back home, and they continue to struggle as they resettle in other countries. For this reason, everyone should actively find ways to help Somali refugees.

You can also help them by making donations to Somali Community Link today! We’re a non-profit organization based in Ohio that aims to facilitate the resettlement and rehabilitation of Somali refugees. All your donations go towards helping their education funding, housing needs, employment programs, etc. Visit our website to donate now.

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