Education is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of furthering the refugee community and helping them resettle. These people have uprooted their entire lives and moved to a new place to build their identities from scratch. In this regard, the one thing that can surely help them is education.

With access to proper education, the refugees can not only help themselves but also help their entire community. Ultimately, they’re also in a better position to help their home countries. Keep reading to learn more about the role of education in the resettlement process of the Somali refugee community.

Removing Language Barrier

Education is one of the most effective ways of removing the language barrier that most refugees tend to face. It can help them better grasp the native language and communicate effectively with the locals. It can also help them understand the local laws and become better aware of their rights and responsibilities as refugees.

Better Job Opportunities

Refugees often struggle to secure good jobs. For this reason, they are often forced to do jobs that are not fulfilling or ones that require hard labor. This often gets them stuck in a vicious cycle because these jobs don’t leave them any time to pursue education for a better life. If they receive a quality education from the beginning, they can learn the soft and hard skills that can help them get better and more rewarding jobs.

Reformed and Integrated Community

When individuals in a community seek education, they’re in a better position to reform their whole community. They can encourage others to get educated and enjoy all the benefits associated with it. These people can bring change from within and help their community members become respectable and contributing members of society.

Somali Refugee Education Funding in Columbus

At present, over 75,000 Somali refugees live in different parts of Ohio. The refugee community has intelligent, hardworking, and incredibly entrepreneurial people who can go places with proper education.

Somali refugees at work.

Somali Community Link is a non-profit organization that helps Somali refugees in Ohio to become active and contributing members of society. The organization works to ease the rehabilitation and resettlement process of Somalis in the US. We provide Somali community resettlement services such as housing needs, education funding, and legal advisory.

Visit our website to volunteer and donate to this important cause.

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