War, famine, and political instability—these are some things that strike our minds whenever we talk or hear about Somalia. Located in the Horn of Africa, Somalia is a small country that has always been surrounded by economic and political crises. And therefore, it does not have a proper and well-maintained education system, especially for girls.

From religious and cultural to economic barriers, several factors play a vital role in the current state of Somalia’s female education. However, the country’s female education has become a key focus for local and international organizations in recent years.

In this blog, our team has discussed the state of Somalia’s female education in detail.

Poverty and Female Education

Reports reveal that over 7 in 10 Somalis live below the poverty line and struggle to make both ends meet. It’s also one of the main reasons behind the increasing female illiteracy in the country. According to the latest UNICEF report, only 24% of Somali young girls are enrolled in primary schools. Still, only 16% of them make it to secondary school due to poverty and the unavailability of financial resources.

Poor Infrastructure

Somalia’s schools and colleges do not have the proper infrastructure to support quality education provision for girls. They lack basic amenities such as toilets, electricity, and clean water, making it difficult for students to attend and stay inside schools.

Cultural Beliefs

Cultural and religious beliefs have also been a long-standing barrier to female education in Somalia. Despite educational funding and increased efforts in improving the quality of infrastructure and educational resources, families are not willing to send their girls to schools. They also prioritize educating boys over girls and teach girls to focus on domestic duties.

Moreover, the culture of early marriages in Somalia is also a key indicator of lower female education rates in the country.

All in all, the state of female education in Somalia is quite worrisome. The conditions and quality of educational resources available to girls remain challenging. However, local and international level organizations are trying to overcome the problem with education funding and support.

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