There’s a common misconception that refugees bring the economy down and put additional strain on it. This is far from the truth. Refugees are good for the economy, and the country is better off with the participation of these hardworking individuals.

All legally registered refugees contribute to society and are responsible for increasing the country’s resources. These people may have fled difficult circumstances back home but are eager to start a new life and become successful.

Keep reading to learn more about how refugees make the economy better off with their participation and contribution.

Country’s Output Increases

As more refugees come to the country, the labor force increases in size, and there are more people available for vacant jobs. This results in much higher productivity, lower costs, and a greater total output of the country. Ultimately, the country is in a better position to manufacture more goods and start more services that further strengthen the economy.

Evident GDP Growth

GDP is the biggest indicator of economic growth. When refugees come to the country, they start earning in local currency and spend the money on goods and services produced within the country. This increases the demand for local goods and services as businesses get more customers than they did before. All of these things result in a higher GDP for the country.

Increased Skilled Workforce

Many refugees who come to the country have unique skill sets that can be useful for local businesses. More technicians, doctors, engineers, and other skilled workers enter the workforce and contribute to the economy. While they may have to be trained in local practices, these qualified workers have already received a major part of their education.

More Entrepreneurial Ventures

Many refugees have trouble securing jobs due to a lack of education, a language barrier, and other reasons. This is why refugees often start their own ventures instead of working for someone else. This ends up creating more jobs in the economy and giving a boost to the country’s GDP.

Support the Somali Community in Ohio

Currently, more than 75,000 Somali refugees and immigrants are living in different parts of Central Ohio. Somali refugees are intelligent, diligent, and entrepreneurial individuals who can strengthen the American economy and make it better off with their contribution. With a little help from you, they can become active members of society.

Somali Community Link is a non-profit organization that aims to help Somalis in Ohio live a more meaningful life by becoming useful members of society. Our organization was founded to facilitate the rehabilitation process of Somali refugees and help them resettle in the US.

We offer a wide range of services, including education funding, Somali community resettlement services, housing needs for the Somali community, and legal advisory. Donate to our cause or get in touch with us to learn more.

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