The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child’s Article 28 clearly states that every child has the right to acquire education, including the right to a place in curricular support, school, assistance, and protection. This also includes having a safe and caring environment where children can grow and learn.

Even though there are many research studies suggesting that the integration of refugee children into the schooling system is beneficial for the host country AND the child, some of the following intersectional factors prevent this from happening:

Lack of Supplies and School Places

All public schools in the US have limited capacity in terms of the place for children and the supplies needed to provide them with quality education. While the refugee parents can opt for a private school, the lack of finances makes this option infeasible.

Strained Finances

With two primary bread winners and more than four to five dependents in the family, the financial strain is immense. Therefore, they can either provide education to a few of these children or provide food to survive.

Grade Placement

Most schools prefer enrolling students with higher grades in their past records regardless of their age or other circumstances. Since Somali refugees barely get the chance to collect their necessary documents before departing, this leaves them in an unfair situation where they have no means of proving their credibility.

Educational Opportunities

Not every Somali child has had the opportunity to go to school when living in their hometowns. Due to a lack of resources, most families struggled to meet their basic necessities. And those who did experience interrupted schooling went to school for some days and didn’t for the rest. This is the primary reason why Somali refugee children are left behind when they migrate to a new country.

Awareness of Covid.

Competing Demands

Somali children go through intense trauma while leaving their hometowns behind and coming to a new country. Leaving their loved ones behind is a lot to take in. As a result, going to school with such psychological traumas requires extra efforts and emotional attention that most teachers are not equipped to deal with effectively.

Is There a Solution?

There’s always a solution. With your donations and help, we can help these Somali refugees by preparing them for a new beginning. The Somali Community Link aims to offer therapy to help these children by treating their trauma and teaching them ways to move on in life with a healthier approach. But we can only make this possible with your help.

Visit our website now to help these Somali refugees in any way you can, whether by donations or volunteering.  

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