Challenges and Opportunities in Somalia’s Economic Landscape

Somali children standing in line

Somalia, a country with a long history of conflict, has faced numerous challenges in its economic landscape. The nation has experienced over three decades of political instability, armed conflicts, and natural disasters that have hampered its development. However, in all these challenges, Somalia also possesses significant opportunities for economic growth and revitalization. This blog explores […]

A Somali Refugee’s First Six Months in the US

For Somali refugees, the life-changing transition to a new country can be daunting as they embark on an unfamiliar path. With little awareness of the new country’s language, culture, and customs, they must rapidly adjust to these differences while dealing with their unique daily hardships and struggles. This blog post will explore four common themes […]

4 Things You Can Do To Support Immigrants And Refugees

Volunteers handing out supplies

The struggle against xenophobia and racism is an ongoing one even in 2022. What can you do to support refugees and immigrants during these delicate times of change? People might want to march and protest, but some might find that public act a bit too intimidating. Some people might have the extra cash to donate for […]