The struggle against xenophobia and racism is an ongoing one even in 2022. What can you do to support refugees and immigrants during these delicate times of change? People might want to march and protest, but some might find that public act a bit too intimidating. Some people might have the extra cash to donate for a good cause, but not everyone’s as blessed.

Here are some ways that you can help the immigrants and refugees in your community:

Get informed

Read the news! You’ve probably heard that from your teachers and parents a lot while you were growing up, but their advice is truly sound. Living in blissful ignorance helps no one—you can’t support anyone or fight against anything if you don’t even know what’s going on. Reading even just one article a day can help you be more informed than most, which will be a great tool for responding to ignorant attacks.

If you’d like more news about the Somali community in Columbus, email us at mahdi@!

Speak up

Change starts from home—talk to your family and friends about global issues, especially those concerning the livelihoods of refugees and immigrants. You can also talk to members of your religious or civic groups.

A group of volunteers giving out supplies to the community

If you have any immigrants in your neighborhood, this is a great time to show them how welcoming your country can be! Visit them with a plate of snacks or food and offer to show them around town to get to know the place so that they won’t feel too alienated.

Write letters

You can also write letters to the editor of your local newspaper. Every single one that gets published will let the people of the community know that refugees and immigrants have a strong support system. It might even inspire the journalists over there to do field research and publish articles about their trials and tribulations to spark awareness as well!

Donate online to a Somali refugee funding in Columbus 

Central Ohio has a large population of Somali refugees who find it difficult to begin their new lives in the USA. The Somali Community Link works with donors to provide top-notch financial assistance, social integration, and resettlement services to the Somali community in Columbus.

We would appreciate any amount as a contribution towards our cause. Every penny makes a difference! Learn more about our services here.

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