Almost 35.5% of women between the age of twenty to twenty-four were married before they had the chance to turn 18. These statistics are an indication of how evident and worsening the state of gender disparity is in Somalia.

Since Somalia has been witnessing a raging civil war in the past two decades, its economic, social, and physical conditions have deteriorated significantly. The general public doesn’t have access to basic education, healthcare, and other facilities, therefore experiencing a lowered standard of living.

While the conditions are worsening for both men and women alike, there are certain things that are occurring more for the women in Somalian communities. These include health-related issues, access to clean and easy resources, and more. If you want to learn more about the gender disparity in Somalia and the Somali refugee community, then keep reading.

Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights

Women in Somalia don’t have the basic rights to sexual and reproductive healthcare. This is why many women experience post-partum health complications. Moreover, with the lack of education and awareness in the Somalian regions, women are unaware of how they can protect themselves and keep themselves healthy.

Violence Against Women

Since Somalia has been in a state of constant civil war for the last two decades, many parts of Somalia have witnessed an increase in violence against women. Women in refugee camps and displaced arrangements are subjected to an unprotected environment, raising the rate of sexual abuse and rape cases across the region.

Unpaid Domestic and Key Labor

While men still make money or get paid in other ways when they offer any kind of labor in the Somalian community, women are often subjected to unpaid domestic labor. They work in community areas and in households for other people, yet get no compensation for their hard work.

Early Childhood Marriages

Many children between the age of 15 to 18 are subjected to early marriages in Somalia. Not only this, they are forced to conceive and give birth to children even though they aren’t mentally or physically ready to bear the pain and burden of it.

Donate to Us to Help Improve Life for Somalian Women

The gender disparity in Somalia is worsening every day, which is contributing to several women and families fleeing from Somalia in search of asylum. You can volunteer in different organizations or donate to their causes to help out women in Somalia and in other refugee communities. One such Somali community immigration service includes the Somali Community Link.

We offer a range of services, including Somali refugee education funding, refugee health donations, and Somali community financial assistance in different parts of Columbus. To learn more about our services, or to become a part of our movement, make sure to get in touch or donate to the cause today.

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