You must have heard about Somalia a lot, especially in the news, due to its years-long struggle with terrorism, poverty, and economic and political instability. However, there are a lot of unique and surprising facts about this country that most of us don’t know about.

That’s why we asked our Somali community in Central Ohio to share their favorite facts about Somalia. Continue reading to learn the best of them.

1. Somalia is the Land of the Moon

The word “Somalia” is derived from two words: Soo and Maal, which mean go and milk, respectively. It is believed that Arabs used to travel to Somalia in search of precious metals, ivory, slaves, and other things. They named this country the Land of the Moon due to the abundance of gold.

2. The Longest African Coastline

Do you know that Somalia has the longest coastline in Africa, spanning 3,333 km along the Indian Ocean? The country is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

3. Largest Frankincense Producer

Frankincense is a substance derived from Boswellia resin trees. Somalia tops the list as the biggest producer of this product, which is widely used in fragrances, medicines, and incense-based products. This product is also believed to be highly powerful for human psychology as it helps strengthen confidence, determination, and willpower.

Frankincense is now widely used by aromatherapy experts across the world.

4. Home to Endangered Animal Species

Somalia is also known to have the most endangered animal species globally. From Hirola antelopes and African wild dogs to Somali Larks and Garter snakes, Somalia has several animals labeled as critically endangered by IUCN.

5. Somalia Has One of the World’s Largest Camel Herds

No, the UAE or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do not have the most number of camels in the world. Somalia takes precedence with the biggest herd of over 6 million camels and is, therefore, one of the top producers and exporters of camel milk after Kenya and Mali.

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