Somalia has been suffering at the hands of war for over two decades now. They have been experiencing a shortage of basic resources such as education, law and security, basic human rights, and so much more.

With several social and economical problems prevailing, the people are in need of diverse reforms in Somalia. A combination of social and structural reforms can help the Somali community build from scratch and regain some sustenance over the next few decades. Some common and important examples of reforms include the following. Keep reading to learn more about this here!

1. Focusing on Pressing Health Challenges

One of the most dreadful challenges in Somalia is its pressing health problems. With the lack of infrastructure and commodities in the community, the Somalian region, and especially women, don’t have access to affordable or accurate healthcare.

The primary reforms in Somalia should be focused on providing infant, post-partum, and other basic healthcare provisions.

2. Improving Education & Training

With a lack of training and education, Somali children are either being subjected to unpaid domestic labor or are being married off in the early phases of their life. Regardless of the situation they end up in, it’s important that the Somali government introduces education and training opportunities that can help individuals in society grow.

1. Strengthening Gender and Human Rights

Sexual abuse and violence are prevalent for women in Somalia due to the lack of law and control in the region. The displacement and unpaid labor contribute to these rising statistics. When the reforms are being discussed, it’s important to ensure that these reforms are talking about limiting the age of marriages and increasing the intensity of the punishment in case of rape and sexual assault.

2. Industry-Specific Legislation

Social reforms aren’t the only things needed in Somalia. The Somali community needs to build its economy from scratch. This means that the next government would need to order industry-specific legislation to ensure that they are receiving the subsidies and incentives to perform in a profitable manner.

3. Enabling Investment

When the government introduces the former four laws and regulations, it will automatically stimulate the economy and make it possible for foreign investors to put money into the economy. The more investments Somalia receives, the better it will perform in the upcoming decades.

Contribute to Make Somalian Lives Better, Everywhere

While they desperately need reforms in Somalia, there are several Somali refugee communities in Columbus and other parts of the world. So, how can we help them to ensure they get a fair chance at developing a life? With Somali Community Link, you can donate to our cause or just volunteer with our workers.

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