A Closer Look at Somalia’s Path to Stability

Somali refugees in Columbus, Ohio

Somalia, a nation long plagued by conflict and political instability for the past three decades, is now on the challenging path toward achieving stability and peace. Despite the numerous obstacles, Somalia has taken major steps in recent years, with domestic and international efforts focusing on laying the basis for lasting stability. In this blog, we’ll […]

5 Unique Facts About Somalia You Probably Didn’t Know

The Somali flag

You must have heard about Somalia a lot, especially in the news, due to its years-long struggle with terrorism, poverty, and economic and political instability. However, there are a lot of unique and surprising facts about this country that most of us don’t know about. That’s why we asked our Somali community in Central Ohio to […]

The Current State of Female Education in Somalia

Three baby girls in Somalia

War, famine, and political instability—these are some things that strike our minds whenever we talk or hear about Somalia. Located in the Horn of Africa, Somalia is a small country that has always been surrounded by economic and political crises. And therefore, it does not have a proper and well-maintained education system, especially for girls. From […]

4 Most Important Events Celebrated in Somalia

Two smiling Somali girls

Approximately 99% of the population of Somalia identifies as Sunni Muslims, making them an overwhelming majority. This majority has a huge impact on the events celebrated in Somalia, as most of them have religious nuances. While they share their events with the rest of the Islamic world, Somalis have managed to put their own twist on […]

Somali Culture: History, Art, and Food

Somali community in Columbus, Ohio

Somalia is located in the horn of Africa, and unlike other African countries, it’s a fairly homogenous country with a singular ethnic group. While Somalis across the country may have different lifestyles, they have a unified culture, language, and religion. The difference in lifestyle typically arises from the financial status of different groups, with some […]

5 Societal and Structural Reforms Needed in Somalia in 2023

A boy dressed in a uniform sitting in class working on a paper.

Somalia has been suffering at the hands of war for over two decades now. They have been experiencing a shortage of basic resources such as education, law and security, basic human rights, and so much more. With several social and economical problems prevailing, the people are in need of diverse reforms in Somalia. A combination […]