• Immigration and citizenship programs
  • Housing availability and affordability guidance
  • Educational opportunities for adults and children
  • English Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Youth development and summer programs
  • Senior Citizen services
  • Employment and job training
  •  Daycare programs
  • Interpretation and Translation Services
  • Community advocacy
  • Case management
  • Public safety awareness programs
  • An open access computer lab available to the community at no charge

**Our major services are outlined under the following Planning & Support, Translation and Interpretation, Legal Advocacy, Youth Programs, Elder Programs, English Second Language Workshops (ESL), and Job Assistance

Planning and Support

SCL has trained multi-lingual immigrant staff who gives helping hands in goal settings, goal achievement plans and execution. We render:

Legal Assistance

  • Immigration
  • International law
  • Police and courts
  • Contracts
  • Justice at Work programs

Personal Needs

  • Financial assistance
  • Transportation
  • Professional certification upgrades
  • ​Other concerns unique to the person


  • School concerns
  • Family counseling
  • Social and cultural support
  • Support for battered women

Food & Health

After school referral and education


  • Housing referrals
  • Tenant advocacy

Economic Development

How to start or expand a business

Job creation

SCL has case managers who serve as a point of contact to families in need and to collect the necessary information to facilitate successful resolution to problems or serve as a link to services sought by the people. Also, SCL case managers ensure all information are recorded, filed and kept confidential. Connections are made to SCL and other nonprofit agency programs such as: ESL courses, referral to medical services (facilitate appointments), social service referrals, youth enrolment in school and after school programs, housing referrals and assistance, legal aid referrals and more.

Translation and Interpretation

​SCL multi-lingual immigrant staff assist clients with translation of important documents for health and legal situations. This service can accessed via a call or walk-in basis at the center and at city health clinics.

The Columbus Department of Health is contracted by SCL to provide interpretation services to Somali and other immigrant communities seeking medical services at department clinics. We have a common goal with the Department of Health to have Columbus as the healthiest American city

Legal Advocacy

SCL assist many clients with legal procedures are required to become a U.S. citizen, especially those who want to transition from refugee to U.S. citizen. ​We ensure the legal rights of our clients are being upheld while residing in the Columbus area, especially when intervention is required due to language and cultural barriers, and in cases of unfair housing practices, allegations of corruption, misunderstandings or eviction.

ESL Education

Pre-school English

After school and Saturday morning tutoring

Basic English workshops

ESL, Vocational and Family Literacy

ESL classes for adults and elders

SCL provides training space for ESL classes consisting of eight week sessions for Basic English. The space can accommodate up to 100 adult students at any given time.

Having been in existence since 2000, the ESL program has helped several of immigrants and refugees learn the English language. Students are taught how to read and write, oral communication, grammar and vocabulary, and how to apply them in the American context. The beautiful thing is they also learn about the American culture.

Elder Programs

​Programs for Somali community elders may include:


  • English instruction
  • Acculturation assistance
  • Upgrades to professional certifications


  • Current events discussion groups
  • Social events

Food And Health

  • Hot meals
  • Health education and referral services


  • Housing referral
  • Tenant advocacy

Personal Needs

  • Financial assistance
  • Transportation

Most senior citizens are likely to face special challenges and a higher risk of losing health care. SCL gives support to the elderly who finds it difficult to learn a new language, culture and history; and to meet all requirements for citizenship.

Refugees may qualify for special Social Security Income (SSI) as they work toward U.S. citizenship, however, those who do not attain citizenship within 7 years risk losing their SSI benefits including medical coverage.

Youth Programs

Social & Personal Needs

  • Adult mentoring program
  • Weekday hot meals
  • Soccer


  • ​Pre-school English
  • Open access computer lab
  • After school and Saturday tutoring
  • Special assistance for older, previously unschooled youth

SCL gives extra dedication and diligence to matters concerning the youth since they are the future. SCL deems it an important factor to educate the youth on the tools they need to integrate in the American society. Our main focus here is to infuse these youth with positive American values with emphasis on maintaining their identity as they integrate. We also aim at helping them to increase their confidence and self-determination, overcome language, cultural and psychological barriers, and create financial independence and positive role models.

SCL Youth programs include:

The SCL Afterschool Program: This program is geared towards improving the academic performance of the youth. It is focused on English proficiency, reading, writing, math and basic computer skills. Youth needing help with homework receive assistance during these sessions as well.

​Iska Jir Program: Iska jir means do good or watch out! It is an outreach program designed to assist Somali youths between the ages of twelve and twenty. Intervention activities include information dissemination, youth activities and events, and other interventions and supervision to prevent criminal behavior, gun ownership and gang membership.

Summer Food Program: ​This program is to give out meals to low-income youth who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program.

Summer Youth Employment Program: This annual program helps teens find jobs through support from the Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation (COWIC) and the Ohio Department of Education.

SCL Youth Soccer: Every summer SCL encourages multicultural friendships with integrated soccer teams, which help students of different backgrounds learn to work together as a team while staying fit and healthy.

Job Assistance

Trained multi-lingual immigrant SCL staff members help clients prepare for their job search, assist with job placement, and offer support for challenges on the job.

Jobs & Work Skills

  • Resume writing
  • Vocational English
  • Job referrals and placement
  • Job retention and coaching
  • Problem and conflict resolution
  • Acculturation and cultural issues in the workplace

Economic Development

  • How to start or expand a business
  • Job creation

Personal Needs

  • Financial assistance
  • Transportation to interviews
  • Assistance with professional certifications upgrades
  • Other services unique to the person

Many Somalis have trouble finding work due to cultural and language barriers. In response we have offered classes focused on job search techniques, basic computer skills, resume writing and proper interview etiquette to improve the chances of securing a job. We also strive to educate and encourage community members to create more jobs through small business.

​We believe that entrepreneurship will not only increase the spending power of the Somali community, but also create jobs in Columbus and improve the local economy. We believe that through job training seminars and vocational training in areas such as business and healthcare, Somalis can give back to the community while they work to attain the American dream.