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25 Mar

Somali Refugee Crisis: Why You Should Care?

The term refugee comes from the word “refuge,” which means a safe shelter in which a person resides when in need of protection. The term was initially used for Protestants […]


24 Mar

Affordable Housing Crisis: Big Problem for Somali Refugees in Ohio

Everyone deserves to have a living space that they can call home. What is a decent living space for you? A house with individual rooms, a living room for everyone […]


1 Mar

Factors Preventing Somali Refugees from Recommencing Their Education

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child’s Article 28 clearly states that every child has the right to acquire education, including the right to a place in […]


28 Feb

Why Do Somali Refugees Need Employment Assistance?

Every year, over 1 million immigrants arrive in the US, of which most are refugees. Most people assume that the hard part is over once they arrive in the US. Whereas […]


12 Feb

Everything You Need To Know About Somali Culture

Somalia is a country located in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Kenya, Dijbouti, and Ethiopia. Most of the population share common forefathers and are ethnically Somali. These people are […]